Monday, April 13, 2009

What a great Easter weekend!

This past weekend was so much fun. As my roommate Clare said, some days are long and miserable, some are short and sweet, but not many are long and wonderful. We spent the last two days lazily eating, spending time with friends, and just generally relaxing and playing. We even went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in the rain, which was worth getting a little chilled (although I might have been a little grumbly in the beginning?), especially as afterward we went to my friend Geoff's place for hot tea and snacks!

Yesterday my roommates and I hosted a brunch- everyone brought treats for Anevay and tasty things to contribute- the day was a (sweet) success. We even fit in yet another Wong Kar-Wei film (Anevay wants to see all of his films- yesterday we saw 'Chungking Express'), and had a long and terribly fun game of Charades.

Looking around the dinner table yesterday, I realized we all came from different backgrounds, religions and cultures. Ireland, South Africa (with a Korean twist), Spain, Israel, Puerto Rico, the States (Midwest, East and South)- Jewish, Catholic and Agnostic. How cool is it that Anevay is growing up with such a wealth of stories and ideas. We really are quite fortunate.

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