Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flyover vs. Fly-by

If you've been following the 'news', you'll know that one of the Boeing 747s used by Obama and an F-16 jet did a flyover of lower Manhattan, circling the Statue of Liberty and scaring the shit out of office workers who remember the 2001 attacks...

What was Caldera thinking?! (he's the Director of the White House military who took the blame for the incident) Doesn't he know that only these two testosterone-idiots are allowed fly-bys:

Here's a few shots of a bag I embroidered. Granted, the plane isn't a Boeing 747, and I took artistic license with the skyline, but I think it's pretty obvious to what I'm referring:

Want one of these bags for yourself? Check 'em out in my shop.

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