Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lady Elvis

Anyone who has met Anevay knows her love of Elvis Presley. Over the years she has collected DVDs, tapes, even Elvis and Priscilla Barbies. She has worn Elvis t-shirts, mimicked his dance moves, read books about him, and begged me to play his music before school in the morning. She even told me yesterday morning that at school she pretends to like Hannah Montana just so people will leave her alone about Elvis (although she later retracted this statement, and said that all she had said was that kids at school make fun of her for liking Elvis...)

(Anevay's Elvis Barbie)

(Anevay's Elvis Pez containers)

This morning a friend of mine let me know that her future sister-in-law is the lovely Laura Baxter Herbert, AKA Lady Elvis.

Cool, huh?! I showed Anevay Lady Elvis' website and needless to say, she was really excited.

(Laura Baxter Herbert)

Anevay and I talked about it, and came to the conclusion that because Elvis was such a sensitive soul, and because most women we know tend to be more sensitive souls then men (sorry, guys, I'm sure that you're all sensitive on the inside, but in our experience, we've seen that only a few of you have transcended the sensitive woman/tough guy man stereotype), that Laura probably makes a most excellent Elvis!

We hope someday to have the opportunity to see Lady Elvis in action! Click here for a peek at Laura's site...

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