Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My new book! Thanks, Paige!


Some of you may remember just a week or two ago when Paige West generously offered to buy the book 'Art/Work' for me... A very kind gesture, as we've never met.

Paige's generous nature extends far past me. Not only is Paige the curator of a large private collection of contemporary art, founded of a gallery called Mixed Greens, and an author (of 'The Art of Buying Art: An Insider's Guide to Collecting Contemporary Art'), but she seems to really have a way of way of keeping her finger on the pulse of both what is up-and-coming and established. Very cool...

I'm already enjoying the book- in a fun and witty way, it deals with many of the logistics of being an artist. I've already folded over a couple of pages in Chapter 6: Residencies and Grants, and laughed out loud when I saw, at the end of the chapter about how to deal with rejection, a letter from an artist to a gallery stating why the artist can't consider the gallery, as well as a list of reasons. The letter ends with the sentence, "Perhaps there are other artists who might be interested in working with the gallery. Best of luck." (pg. 165 in the book- pick up the book and check it out!).

Thanks, Paige! I'm looking forward to sharing what I learn from the book!

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