Monday, April 6, 2009

Ernesto Neto : Art Education Workshops at the Park Ave Armory

Can I just say how much I love living in New York, and how great I think it is for my kid?!

Yesterday Anevay and I, while working on some art projects here at home, talked about what she might like to do over her upcoming spring and summer recesses.

(I'm dirt-poor and unemployed, which cancels out vacations, and, for that matter, any activities involving money... If any of you know where to get free tickets to cool events, or know of anything fun in the NY area that we can, um, cash in on, please let me know!!)

I did just sign up Anevay for a couple of great Saturday workshops at the Park Ave Armory. Perhaps you might want in on the action? Not only are all the workshops designed to interact with Ernesto Neto's installation, but they are FREE!!! One of the workshops I signed up Anevay for will be run by Jonathan Gall, a fellow Brooklyner living right here in Williamsburg. Sign up your elementary school-aged children here!!!

Taken from the Park Avenue Armory website:

"Acclaimed contemporary artist Ernesto Neto’s largest and most complex installation to date, anthropodino, will overtake Park Avenue Armory’s vast drill hall with an epic work to be touched and sensed by the viewer.

On consecutive Saturdays, NYC’s most sought-after teaching artists will lead elementary school-aged children and their parents in art-making, storytelling, theater and dance through this immersive and extraordinary installation. Workshop participants will choose from an offering of different, two-hour workshops, including opportunities to explore and interact with the installation and to create their own artistic work in response. On Family Arts Day (May 16), kids and parents are also invited to hear from the artist, Ernesto Neto, in a talk from 1 – 2pm."

For more info about Ernesto Neto, look here. The write-up is a little old, but the pictures are great, and give you an idea of the sort of art he's making...

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