Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My flowering Aloe Vera plant

Call me crazy, but I've always measured my mental health against how my plants are faring...

Therefore, I've been very pleased these last few weeks to watch my Aloe Vera plant send up a huge stalk and take flower. It's just beginning to open now. None of my aloe plants have done such a thing before, so I did a little research into how to care for my propagating friend. Some of the things I've learned:

-Aloe plants rarely flower indoors

-Hummingbirds are attracted to aloe flowers

I'll make sure to keep the screens shut over my windows, as I'm not sure my roommates would appreciate hummingbirds in the house. Last year, when my vegetable garden (it was in my room- I woke every morning trying to side-step 6 tomato and 6 pepper plants, snap peas, arugula, herbs, etc...) had an aphid infestation, I entertained the idea of ordering ladybugs off the Internet to take care of them. I even went so far as to place the order...

Unfortunately, ladybugs come in quantities no smaller than 1500.

Fortunately, the vision of a house full of flying insects made me cancel the order. This is probably the only reason why I'm wise to avoiding hummingbirds visiting my aloe plant...

Anyway. I'm pretty happy that my aloe plant is flowering. A little thing, yes, but it feels good to not only keep my plants alive, but to see them mature.

Oh, man, I could turn this into a metaphor about raising my daughter (the growing older and flourishing part, not the propagation), but as the post is already bordering on having Hallmark greeting card sentiments, I'll just end here.

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