Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple joys...

The plan for today was to trek up to the Manhattan Children's Museum, go to Central Park, and grab an early dinner.

But things have a way of changing...

Anevay has decided that she prefers to have a lazy morning at home, and then spend the afternoon practicing her bike-riding. "I just want to be where it's familiar," she said.

I understand this sentiment...

Sometimes, being close to home, spending time with my favorite person on the planet, can't beat even the greatest of adventures.

Life is pretty marvelous.


  1. I agree! It's great that your daughter dosen't need you to be a cruise director all the time and is fine with some "down time". ;)

  2. Hey, my son and I spent the day bike riding, too! Of course, he's 13, and we rode 50 miles. But still. A simple joy like riding bikes can't be beat.

  3. Hey MindyMom- Yes, I am very fortunate that my girl enjoys her downtime!

    And Dadshouse- whoa- 50 miles! Can't wait to be able to do that with my kid! (before she was born I rode over 25 miles a day) We're talking about riding over the Williamsburg Bridge and back... baby steps (pedals)!


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