Friday, April 3, 2009

Stalked, and I like it...

Good Morning, Wonderful People!

I woke to find an email this morning from Beatrice and Violet, the two lovely ladies who curate Etsy Stalker, a great site dedicated to sniffing out the best of the best on Etsy.

Guess what one of their picks was this morning?

Yep, one of my VW Bug shirts.

Spring has sprung, and the Bugs are definitely revving their engines as they come out from hibernation... The Etsy Stalker ladies even have a word for the sound of a VW engine:

"Beatrice’s vocabulary word of the week: “fweem.” If you are a Volkswagen lover, you know all about the fweem. It’s the singular sound of a VW bug’s engine as it revs up, a sound somewhere between a purr, a roar, and a bag of rocks being smashed together."

The 'stalkers' are clearly on the same VW road I seem to be traveling down, as just last night I was finishing up an order for two more shirts that need to be popped into the mail today!

Click here to see Etsy Stalkers's VW-inspired exhibit! Muchas gracias to Beatrice and Violet for 'stalking' me!

(This was the second write-up I've received for my Bug shirts! Check it out!!)

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