Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pooh's thoughts on Swine Flu

While I'm certainly following news about the Swine flu, and have a bit of paranoia (I have a daughter, after all, who attends public school in the city, where many of the cases have been identified), I also fall victim to some of the humor...

Yesterday morning I saw a woman on the train wearing a mask- she jumped every time a person sniffled, and in avoiding touching any of the bars used to brace oneself from the motions of the train, she let herself be thrust against the rest of us.

I laughed at her, to which she appeared to take offense. (or so it seemed, as she walked indignantly to the other side of the train) But really... the lady might give herself a heart attack worrying before she contracts Swine Flu!

Anyway, it's too early to tell whether this particular flu strain will develop into a pandemic, but I think all of us- even the skeptics who think that the virus is a ridiculous government scare tactic, are keeping abreast of updates.

(A brief aside... Have you ever noticed how it's mostly young, entitled people who prefer to combat an idea rather than discuss it? It's the same thing I did when I was a teenager, when I was insecure and wanted to convince people I was smarter than I really am. The philosopher Deleuze had some great things to say about this sort of thing...)

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