Monday, April 6, 2009

Screenprinting homework

I needed to send Sara, the instructor of my screenprinting class, a few images for her to sort through and then burn onto a screen... As I'm relatively new to this (although I have taken printing classes, and worked on lithographs, it's been awhile...), I sent her just a few *rough* line-sketches, the first I used as the design for one of my canvas embroideries, the second I threw in just 'cause, and the third I still use as a shirt design.

I'd like to play with this a bit, and see how the thin lines translate through the screen...

Thoughts? Advice?


  1. The first one of the girl is super cute. The second makes me think of Christo's umbrellas. Or dandelions. It's interesting. The third isn't so much my cup of tea. A cross section of a heart? (A broken heart?)

    Have fun screen printing!

  2. Thanks for the comment! The second one is modeled after Ginko leaves... the third one is, indeed, of a heart. The people who have bought the t-shirt with this design are generally in the health industry, although I did have one woman on Etsy order it for her three year old son, who is going in for his third heart surgery! The poor dear...

  3. i've been playing around with drawing the ginkgo leaf too. i love ginkgo leaves! been drawing/painting hearts lately also. very cool.

  4. Ginkgo, right, NOT Ginko!! I must try and mind my spelling;)

    Would love to see what you're working on...


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