Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guess what?!

In the course of one morning, I've been offered a book contract, had a large batch order placed with my clothing company, and my kid's dad contacted me saying he is going to voluntarily start paying child support (with back support included!). Best of all, watched Anevay brush her teeth and get ready for school without being prompted!!


And I also had a rich, distant relative pass away, leaving me a lot of cash to use to pay back my student loans and take a trip around the world.


Despite none of the above things happening, it's been a good morning. Full of Sudafed (which I've taken for a horrible sinus cold), I finished an order of clothing to be shipped, and now I'm working on a screen for my screenprinting class tonight.

I think the best (and worst) April Fool's joke played on me was in middle school... 6th grade, I believe.

My family had planned a vacation to Disney World, and my brother and I were beyond excited.

One morning, at the breakfast table, my step-father, Alan a sweet and kind man, gasped as he read the paper.

"What is it!" we cried.

Alan shook his head.

"A terrible thing has happened... Disney World burned down last night."

It didn't take long to register what this meant. My brother and I would no longer have the vacation of our dreams. A flood of tears ensued. I don't think Alan could have anticipated our reaction... Even after we learned the truth, we were still upset! For days!

This morning I was tempted to play a joke on Anevay, but I couldn't think of one that didn't also seem just a wee bit malicious.

My question of the day- is my inability to play a harmless joke a sign that I have no sense of humor, or that I have an overly-developed conscious?! I think I'll tell Anevay about how I had thought my aborted attempt to play a joke on her, and see what she thinks...


  1. I tried playing jokes on my kids this morning, but they didn't fall for it at all. I think I didn't try hard enough. I prefer spontaneous humor to gags.

  2. don't feel bad! harmless humor is EXTREMELY tough to pull off.

    which brings me to:


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