Monday, April 27, 2009

A typical New York weekend...

SATURDAY: Picnic at Battery Park in Tribeca.

This is a view of the park from the apartment of our hosts. The group is down there somewhere... Can you see them?

This is also a shot taken from the living room of our host. Can you tell which NY landmark is in the distance?

I love this shot of the park. The kid and his bat, the ball flying in the air, the couple brazenly making out...

Clearly, Anevay is miserable...

Still miserable...
One of the hosts had a machine that beaded the kids' hair. Cool, huh?

We did some damage to the packaged food we brought...

On our way home we ran into a group of break-dancers by the Brooklyn Bridge. These ladies were pretty strong...

Some weirdo had a pet rabbit on the train. A little girl let him play with her stuffed bunny... Apparently the rabbit had just come from hanging out in Central Park all day. Not a bad life for a rabbit.

SUNDAY: Central Park

Courtney, Anevay, and mixed-martial arts... I think Anevay won. Oh, and yes, Anevay is wearing the same thing she wore on Saturday. Her choice, not mine. Sigh.

The girls. Anyone know how to break a kid of a nail-biting habit?

Courtney was pretty proud of herself for climbing the tree.

Anevay, however, was proud until she realized that she was stuck...

Alice in Wonderland.

Aja and Anevay raced. Aja won, Anevay cried... Until Aja reminded Anevay that her legs are as long as Anevay's entire body, and that it would just be plain weird if she hadn't won.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend in the city. We saw a load of friends, and exhausted ourselves running around, playing ball, and climbing trees.

Looking forward to the summer!

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