Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Natural History Museum, the train, and other fun things

(the girls sitting with stuffed animals tucked into their sweatshirts)

(never too young to try to avoid the paparazzi)

(reading the Metro)

Yesterday my friend Dan, who works at the Natural History Museum, was kind enough to give a handful of us (five in all) passes for the museum, as well as tickets into the Cosmic Collisions show at the planetarium (Anevay and I have seen this show about a kabillion times. Yes, I'm a dork).

The museum was great fun (albeit crowed due to spring break), although I think the kids might had the most fun on the train! (and, as you can see, most of my pictures were taken on the train)

Finding free activities in the city is relatively easy, as many museums and other great places have pay-as-you-wish days. Today Anevay and I were going to go to the Bronx Museum, but cloudy weather and a late night watching Wong Kar-Wei movies (we're watched four out of the five that we've rented for spring break!) are keeping us home today. Tomorrow, however, we're going to trek up to the Children's Museum (free tomorrow!), Friday we might go to Coney Island, and Saturday morning we're going back to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (free to get in between 10-12), and will then spend the afternoon taking part in a short scene in a screenplay a friend wrote (cool, huh?).

Hope the rest of you are having a fabulous week!

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