Friday, June 26, 2009

Natural History Museum, relaxing, and feeling sleepy...

Anevay took this shot of me on the way to meet Kiki and Dan at the Natural History Museum.

Perfect picture at the museum, except I cut off the poor dino's head...

This skeleton in the Extreme Mammals exhibit freaked me out a little...

The museum was packed today, so we soon left, took a little walk outside, ate at a great tapas place, and then, went back to Kiki's place to visit...

D'LILA!! The cutest little Pekingese!

So cute, in fact, that her mug was in a magazine.

Dan at Kiki's.
At Kiki's, I typically get sucked into the comfortable vortex of the couch... Happens every time I'm there.

D'Lila and Anevay exchanging kisses.

Dan in front of one of Ike Hobbe's paintings.

Anevay and I had a nice walk on the way home.


  1. From one Melissa in Brooklyn to another, your sunset pictures are gorgeous. I tried taking pictures of the purple/red sky tonight but I can't figure out the settings on my camera. Maybe one day!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, what a gorgeous sky tonight- I nearly ran into a pole looking up at it! Sheer luck with the photos- unfortunately, my camera is not capable of much- so I was happy that the colors came out!


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