Thursday, June 18, 2009

Artist Karl Mullen visits Anevay's class...

Yesterday I picked up Anevay from school- she was very excited that the Irish artist Karl Mullen visited her class to a) discuss his work; b) work on some projects together.

I was excited to hear about this, too. For one, Karl is a self-taught artist (like me!). His bio reads:

"He has played in rock n roll bands, sold flowers, washed dishes, worked at a preschool, gave blood, worked at a music venue, sold hot dogs, fixed chimneys, been unemployed, driven trucks, short order cooked, been a movie extra, played in folk bands, performed music for theatre & dance companies, waited tables, worked check out at supermarkets, sold art on the street, done voice over, spray painted...... and many others. These days he's again at a music venue and paints daily at a studio in the Italian Market district in Philadelphia."

Sounds like Karl and I have a lot in common... except that it was plasma I donated, not blood...

Good for him, that he's been getting some recognition and gallery representation.

Anevay liked Karl so well that she shared the couple of Irish words she could remember. 'Dia dhuit', she started with, which, although literally translated as 'God be with you', is just a simple greeting.

He even taught her a word in return. 'Slán', which means 'goodbye'.

Karl gave each student his autograph, which Anevay also thought was pretty neat. (his daughter, who assisted him yesterday, also gave hers)

Click here for more information about Karl and his work.

UPDATE: Yesterday Leah Gooch, the Ross Global Visual Arts teacher, talked to me for a few moments about Karl's visit, and also showed me two works- one which he presented to the school, and the other, for her! Take a look:


  1. Yes! Karl was wonderful with the students.
    He shared with them several samples of his work, talked about using one's imagination and the importance of exploring ideas with art mediums, and carrying memories with you while traveling. Throughout the class he worked with the students, helping them with their artwork, and then at the end of the class played a Jew Harp while the students did a few rounds of "Freeze Dance".
    It was the coolest.

    -Leah Gooch
    Lower School Visual Arts Teacher
    Ross Global Academy

  2. It certainly sounds amazing! What a great opportunity for your students. Thanks for organizing the event, and especially for bringing in an artist who might be considered an 'Outsider'- it's great for the kids to see that there are many, many ways of achieving their goals. Karl certainly made an impact on Anevay, as I'm sure he did on many of the other children.

    I agree- SO COOL!!


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