Sunday, June 14, 2009

My opening at Spacecraft!!

Everything is hung! (thanks so much to Jake for taking time to put everything up)

Still unfinished peacock, as I ran out of green thread! I bought out both Spacecraft and Pearl Paint!

Happy customer.

Bruno Navarro and Alyssa Zygmunt. (sorry, but I can't remember the name of the lovely woman on the left!)
Iz and Cheyenne Timperio.

Camille Hempel.
James and Steph Tichenor with Anevay.

Jessica Sowards and Gil Seltzer.

Violetta Bagdasarova and Bruno Navarro.

I looked as exhausted as I felt...

Katie Leonard, a nice girl (sorry, can't remember her name), and Jessica Sowards.

Bruno Navarro sportin' one of my hoodies.

Cristina Dodd, one of the fabulous proprietors of Spacecraft.

Bruno, Dean and Violetta.

Stella, the other wonderful proprietor of Spacecraft.

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