Friday, June 5, 2009

My opening at Spacecraft June 12th!!

Williamsburg 2nd Friday
Gallery Walk

Melissa Banigan

Fear of Falling

6:00-9:00 p.m.

SPACECRAFT host it's first Art Exhibition:

A seemingly unrelated canvas such as 'Last Supper', in which a collection of both real and mythical animals are seated around books by Darwin, Hafiz and Hawkins, carry what Melissa calls 'the fall (of man)' into the fields of religion, biology, metaphysics, poetry and astrophysics. It is, however, Melissa's handful of macabre canvases in which skeletal figures don corsets and Victorian garb that best thread together her primary concern, that whether prompted by societal constraints, terrorism, or the simple life-cycles of all organic matter, fears of falling are realized no matter what the belief/disbelief of an individual or group. The human brain, programmed at a base, survivalist level to be escapist, is also at the whim of physical pain inflicted on its body, and thus is never able to entirely escape - until death takes it - through that final 'fall'. Melissa's work is, therefore, about reconciling the idea of falling with the actual fall.

Melissa Banigan works and lives in Brooklyn, where she has happily reconciled her artistic insecurities about the art world with the realities of being a single mother, writer, designer, and artist. The ability to successfully harmonize her passions is what Melissa considers 'living the dream'.

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