Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flu and a houseguest

My poor friend Tom... He arrived from England on Wednesday to find me laid up with the flu. This wouldn't be such a terrible thing, except that he's staying at my loft through the weekend, and has had to listen to me hack up a lung and moan at my most feverish moments. Fortunately, he's been a peach about all of it- even playing games with Anevay and letting her wrap him around his little finger!!

One of the Uno games Anevay and Tom played lasted 50 minutes! Here, Tom is trying to show Anevay how to shuffle...

...I think she needs a little bit more practice!

Tom looks worried as Anevay gives him a tattoo....

And smiles after she gives him another... A dragon and a Cupid.

Anevay applies the finishing touches.

I feel bad that I've been sick these last few days, but am comforted knowing that Tom, after spending the summer in Colombia, will be returning to New York to live/work! My friends are spread out over the globe- it'll be nice to have another one of them close again!

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