Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crafterhours at Spacecraft!

All a girl ever needs: embroidery thread, needles, and chips.

After working on some projects of my own today, I let myself sit out tonight and watched Anevay in action. She set to work on embroidering a tie for her Grampa for Father's Day... Spacecraft hosts many of these Crafterhour events- this one was from 6-9. Check out their website for more info.

Sal worked IN some glitter...

Maura Madden, author of the book 'Crafternoon', suffered at the 'hand' of a hot glue gun...

Cristina, one of the owners of Spacecraft, making a pencil can using old Catwoman comics.

Sal's second project... it would prove just as messy and wonderful as the first.

Maura's nearly completed cork beer-cozy.

Performance art?
Stella, the other owner of Spacecraft, making some sort of feather garb for a photo shoot.

Anevay finished her embroidery and set to sequinning! The picture above shows her just about to apply the last sequin.

And here's the finished tie!! We're putting it in the mail tomorrow. I'm terrible about mailing things- but this time we're going to do it!


Double bling.

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