Saturday, June 20, 2009

Central Park Zoo

For me, half the fun of school trips is seeing the reaction of people on the subway to a horde of hyper kids.
Anevay and a few other second graders were chosen (because of their high level of responsibility!) to go along with the kindergarteners on a trip to the Central Park Zoo. Here's my group- Anevay and two lovely little friends.

A bird in the tropical section set the kids to omitting excited high-pitched warbling (it didn't end until we returned to the school).

A penguin- up close and personal.
Our ladies lunch.
Ducklings and a turtle.

Some of the boys chased this poor bird and some of his friends...

Really big bunnies.


Alpacas are my favorite animals...

Although this fella is pretty cute, too.

I HATE zoos. I can understand trying to maintain and conserve the planet's biodiversity- really I can- three biodiversity classes at Columbia really slammed this home- but c'mon... Keeping polar bears in NY? In small living quarters? In the summer? These bears looked miserable. It brought tears to my eyes to see them sitting there in the water, not moving, staring down (lethargically) the people. Yes, I HATE zoos. It's one thing to keep animals in their natural habitat, on nature preserves, but in cities?

Fortunately, the girls were so cute that it almost made up for the horror I felt over seeing the polar bears, snow leopards, etc...

The kids tried to make a new friend, but he wasn't very talkative. He did, however, seem amused by the attention the kids were giving him, even gesturing after a moment for more of the kids to come on over.

The kids were really tired after the trip, with this little one falling asleep on a teacher's shoulder.

Finally, back to school!

Some of the kids were outside for recess, and came running to greet us. (Can't seem to get away from metal bars!)

So close to home, yet so far away...

Anevay and a friend pose by the Lichtenstein sculpture inside the school. Apparently I'm not allowed to take pictures of the sculpture (even though it's public art). I've blogged about this in the past. It pissed me off.

All in all, it was a great, albeit tiring, day!

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