Monday, June 29, 2009

First days of summer vacation

Could someone please translate this amazing street art?

Yesterday I got very little work done. Instead, Anevay and I enjoyed the weather, went for brunch with our roommate, Alberto, and caught a little 'green' festival a block away from home.

Not sure if all of the libations at the East River bar are 'green'?

I LOVE coffee icecream... so, although I was full from brunch, I managed an espresso icecream cone.

Today was a much more productive, albeit frustrating, day. To begin, Anevay met this multicolored friend at the coffee shop.

If I remember correctly, the bird is named '7'; the dog, '0'.

I spent the morning today dealing with logistics- insurance, bills, student loans... Not pretty, any of it, particularly when one is unemployed. Oh yeah, I sent out a handful of job applications. Ugh. All of it makes me feel a little sick to my stomach. I really need some sort of break, or at least a shred of luck to come my way (in the job department... I'm pretty lucky in many other ways!).

This afternoon I finally was able to get some work done. I added a number of images to the Paper Towel (sc)Roll. I'll post some images of this tomorrow, I'll just quickly say that it is becoming even more of a visual record of some of my carefully guarded memories- the ones that have really shaped me. Many of these memories are sexual in nature- sifting through them is strange- I feel as though I'm uncovering parts of me that I had forgotten.

I worked on the (sc)Roll for a couple of hours, and then spent the evening cooking with Anevay. I felt frustrated to have to stop working... I need to come up with a schedule of how I am going to plan our days! We ended up having a lot of fun. Below is a salad that Anevay made. Can you see the smily face hiding out in it?

Tomorrow I have some more logistics to take care of, and then I plan on a couple of solid hours working on the (sc)Roll. I'm excited about it. Years ago, when I was 21, I threw a box of my old diaries out on the curb. The images I'm putting on the sc(Roll) remind me of so many of the memories I thought I had rid myself of- only now- I'm older, wiser (?), and capable of dealing with some of them...

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