Thursday, June 18, 2009

Figment Festival on Governors Island

Still in Brooklyn... We took a water taxi from D.U.M.B.O. to Governors Island.

Hellllo, lady!
But where IS Waldo? This guy was ahead of us in line for the water taxi. He was very friendly.

Anevay writing on one of the many installations on the island...

Clare, dancing to terrible techno.

My Spanish roommate, Alberto, is a hustla.

A lot of the 'performances' on the island made me feel like I was stuck in a bad student show. (Just sayin'...)

Jurassic Park?
David Henry Brown Jr., of the Fantastic Nobodies, made one of the coolest things on the island...

A 1200 lb. weeble wooble!

The opera was nice, too.

This band (sorry, I never got the name!) used, among other things, giant rubber-bands to make sound.

Big foam flowers.

Big wood... sculpture.
My friend, sculptor KD Derr, made this hole as part of the miniature golf installation.


  1. small world- i've met that "waldo" guy a few times out at the beach!

  2. That is indeed strange... Although you can't really miss that guy!


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