Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Screenprinting class at Spacecraft starts tonight!

I'm so excited about starting my silkscreening class tonight. I'm poor as dirt, but I've invested the $175 into this class (part of my meager earnings from selling my embroidered goods) with the hope that I'll learn a few ways in which I might make my embroidered clothing even more interesting (I'm envisioning screenprinted shirts overlaid with embroidery...).

Check out Spacecraft's website for more info about classes, drop-in craft nights, even a craft/beer night!!

And see below for the description of the class I'll be attending!

Intro to Screen-printing @ Spacecraft
Instructor Sara Gates
3 weeks/ 1.5 hours per week
$175 including materials
March 3, 10, 17 2009 – 7:00-8:30pm

This class will cover all the basics of screen-printing. Each
student will receive their own screen and squeegee, learn alternative
methods of making a screen, and will produce a variety of prints on
paper and fabric. This class will focus on how to “silkscreen” simply
from home, but will also incorporate learning the true technique of silk-

Week 1
History of Screen-printing
Intro to materials/process
Pass around samples
Demonstration of printing
Discussion of what everyone would like to work on over the next two
Homework: Everyone bring in an image they want to print the final
week of class.

Week 2
Spend class making stencil screens and printing.
Demonstrate different printing techniques.
Everyone gets to print on their choice of paper/fabric.
Homework: I will burn everyone a screen to be printed next week in

Week 3
Print with newly exposed screens.
Discuss editions and monotypes.
Look at more samples.
Question and answer time.

Sara Gates, a native of Poughkeepsie, NY and was born in 1977. She received her BFA in painting from Syracuse University, a post graduate diploma in Fine Art from The Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, and a MFA in painting from Pratt Institute. She lived and worked in Arizona, California, and London before settling down in Brooklyn. She currently owns Kingsland Printing, a small screen-printing and design business that specializes in fashion and fine art printing. Some clients include Mary Meyer, Love Brigade, Greg Lindquist, and Linda Francis. Sara is also a practicing artist who has shown in London, California, Philadelphia and Brooklyn galleries.

355 Bedford Ave.
Btw. S. 4th and S. 5th
Brooklyn NY 11211

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