Saturday, March 28, 2009

Generosity and Art/Work


Paige West from Art Addict has left a great post about this book by Heather Darcy Bhandari and Jonathan Melber. She writes:

"Heather and Jonathan not only share their experiences and expertise, but the book is chock full of quotes from all walks of life within the art world. Every single topic on running your own business is covered in here: submission do's and don't's, websites, studio visits, residencies and grants, rejection, crating and shipping work, consignments, gallery relationships, and more. I can recommend this book so strongly that if there is an artist out there who can't afford this book ($16.95) I'm willing to buy it for them. No joke."

First of all, does this book sound like what I need, or what. As I'm currently trying to get my own business off the ground, have been looking into grants, and am trying to come up with a website, this book sounds like the class I want to take but can't afford.

Which leads me to the most amazing thing about Paige's write-up about the book...

Did she really write that she would buy the book for an artist who can't afford it!!! Um, I'm an artist! And I can't afford toothpaste right now, let alone a book!

And yet, with all the good luck and tidings I've received lately, I think it would be bad mojo to take Paige up on her fabulous offer...

Instead, I think I might have to cut off my right arm and cave in to make this great purchase! Might be worth it!

(hey, I can always draw and paint with my toes)


This week is too good to be true!!! I sent Paige an email and a link so that she might know I wrote about her posting, and she writes back:

"Melissa! I am serious! Please let me send you a book! If you send me your address I'll drop it in the mail Monday. I believe this book can really help artists and it sounds perfect for you.

I also love your very kind blog post. I'm not sure I am worthy, but I am humbled by it none-the-less.

So send me your address! Save the money!!



Ps- I loved your obama condom post! I have a similar philosophy about being honest and open with my kids. I have totally ruined 'hard ons' for my four year old son because I gave him the scientific answer about blood flow and what not when he asked me "why is it hard?" Don't stop doing what you are doing. You are a great artist and sound like a fabulous mom! Xoxo"

Folks, I seem to be riding a good luck streak... pray for me that it continues!! I can't wait to read my new book! What a fabulous start to the weekend!!

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