Sunday, March 22, 2009

Men embroider, too...

OK, so although embroidery is traditionally a woman's 'craft', there are a few great men out there who take up their needles like pens...

Marc Dombrosky is a Tacoma artist who has, most recently, embroidered over cardboard placards he found discarded in the bushes, left behind, most likely, by panhandlers. I'm looking forward to seeing where he takes all of this.

Check out this story about Marc and his work. Also, look at his blog for more info.


  1. I'm a big fan of your blog! Another "man doing women's needlework" to check out is Nathan Vincent.

  2. Actually - the last comment (and this one) was posted by me, Paige West of Art Addict. I am using my cousin's computer, who is Dr. Chewbakka. Sorry!

  3. Thanks, Paige! I'll definitely check out Nathan Vincent, and will also be looking back to your page!


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