Sunday, March 22, 2009

Growing pains

The image of the little girl on this canvas I have up at the Brooklyn Collective was inspired by the work of quilters who used to embroider sweet little boys and girls onto their quilting squares... The slightly macabre trails of blood that pool beneath the little girl's feet, however, as well as the tender, worried look that crosses her face, was most resoundedly not inspired by quilters and their work.

My daughter, Anevay, is only seven, but already she takes a healthy interest in her body, both as it stands now, and how it will change as she gets older. I think a lot about how to present the world to my little girl. So far, when she asks me questions, I just answer honestly. It seems to take the worry and the fear out of the unknown, and leaves Anevay with an understanding of herself that many little girls don't seem to have.

Visit the Brooklyn Collective to see more of my embroideries (196 Columbia Street, Brooklyn), or the website for more info on pricing:

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