Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Collaborative effort with baby Anevay

Anevay and I have always enjoyed working collaboratively. The image above is of a canvas the two of us painted together when she was just over a year old. The painting has been hanging in our loft for so long that it has become, in my often unfocused eyes, just a bright patch of wall. It took my new roommate from Spain (Alberto will be joining us ladies at the end of the month) raving about it to make me see it again.

As a toddler, Anevay was always quite proud of herself when I showed people this painting. Oh, how things have changed. For example, whereas Anevay used to run to show me every item she was making, now she often she works on her projects in her bedroom, behind a closed door. I suppose this type of thing will continue as she gets older...

Sigh. It's inevitable, isn't it, that my girl will rely on me less and less as she gets older (or rather, that she will come to rely on me in different ways...).

Off to take my sweet love of a girl to school. I need to remember, especially these chilly mornings when it is hard to roll out of bed, that everything I do with my daughter, even our daily walk to the subway, is a collaborative effort. Let's see if I can help make today's morning walk full of smiles instead of offering my usual grimace against the chilly wind coming off the East River!

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