Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another man's needlework...

A couple days ago I posted a couple images of Marc Dombrosky's embroidered art pieces. Paige West of Art Addict commented, "Another 'man doing women's needlework' to check out is Nathan Vincent."

Paige was right... Nathan Vincent is amazing. The boxing gloves especially appeal to the kickboxer in me (another subversion of traditional gender roles, huh?!).

Of his own work, Nathan has written:

"Men I have known spent much of their time in the garage with tools getting greasy and doing the heavy duty lawn work. They watched Sunday afternoon football on their recliners with the remote in hand. My uncle was a body builder, which to me was the physical epitome of masculinity. I remember my father getting home from work, propping his briefcase on the bed and removing the paperwork. And, I distinctly remember longing to be tall enough to use the urinal in the men's restroom like the big guys. By crocheting the objects that are linked to these masculine ideas I am breaking down the barrier of traditional gender permissions. The objects are no longer rough and manly, but soft and inviting. They evoke the feminine. The non-traditional sculpting process of crochet allows me to draw attention to the challenges of defining gender identities."

Check out Nathan's site for more info/images.

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