Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earl Grey tea, delivered right to my door...

This has been a week of luck and gifts... and all for me!! In addition to winning the Chick Chair from Design Mom, and being invited to attend a Recession Dinner, I just received some Earl Grey tea in the mail from my good friend Anthony over at Macha Teahouse and Gallery (owned by Anthony and his lady friend, Rachel)!

I just took a gander at the Macha website and am thrilled to find that I can place an order to have shipped (as I'm in New York and Macha is in Wisconsin, it makes it difficult to just stop by...).

My cup of Earl Grey is exactly how it ought to be... beautiful color and the tangy scent of Bergamot...

Make sure to contact Macha to place your own order, and thanks to Anthony and Rachel for my great tea!

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