Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm a winner!

Hey Good People!

The stars seem to finally be aligning...

Not only have I been invited to one of Jeffrey Ruhalter's Recession Dinners (see here for my posting about this), but Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom just emailed to let me know I've won the Design Mom Random Giveaway!

I'm amazed... I never win anything! (Well, there was that BMX bike from Walgreens that I won when I was a kid in the 80's...)

Can we say YAY!! Whoo hoo!! Yee-haw!!

Design Mom writes:

Good morning! And congratulations to Melifera who said, "Ooohhh... my bird-obsessed self would love this chair. My daughter would like it, too! I'm going to repost info about the giveaway on my blog!"

You are the winner of the Chick Chair from Mahar Drygoods! Yay you.

Click here for the full posting about my win!

And a BIG THANKS to Design Mom and Mahar Drygoods (they have some of the best ever vintage and artisan designs for kids)!

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