Monday, March 30, 2009

Pink Party- slightly hungover, but happy

Greg, the birthday boy! (pic by Tricia McBride)
(pic by Tricia McBride)
Ryan, Tricia, and Jason (pic by Tricia McBride)
A great band called 'Royalty' (pic by Bruno Navarro)
Shay, Greg's girlfriend and baby momma (pic by Tricia McBride)
Shawn, singing with The Fakers (pic by Tricia McBride)
Happy Greg and The Fakers (pic by Tricia McBride)
Me, gearing up for the party (pic by Bruno Navarro)
Me, before switching to impossibly high heels! (pic by Bruno Navarro)

And me after switching to impossibly high heels! (pic by Bruno Navarro)
Me, messing around in the car on the way to the party (with one of my many pairs of boxing gloves) (pic by Bruno Navarro)
Yes, her breasts are golden (pic by Bruno Navarro)
They just were married in Las Vegas! (pic by Bruno Navarro)
Me and Shawn (pic by Bruno Navarro)
Boxing, and yet I didn't spill a drop of my Maker's... (pic by Bruno Navarro)
Notice that the Maker's is all gone... And no, please don't ask me why I was showing my belly-button. (pic by Bruno Navarro)

Good thing the Pink Party is only once a year! It was a lot of fun, but man, did a night of dancing, drinking and cavorting sure take it out of me. I'm pretty sure it was worth it...

The party attendees happened to be some of the most talented, interesting group of people I know- lots of great musicians and artists as well as just plain kind and happy individuals who know how to stay young...

Although man, did I wake up feeling what my mom calls the "O-L-D." If this is what a hangover feels like at 32, then what will one feel like at 40?! I'm not sure I want to find out...

I spent many (thousands of) hours of my youth drinking and laughing with friends, and although now I am much more constructive with my time, it's still good to let loose every now and again.

Just takes longer to tie it all back together again the next day!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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