Thursday, March 26, 2009

60-foot penis painted on parents' roof by 18-year old son

Now THIS gave me a laugh. Wonder how I'd feel if Anevay someday decided to draw an enormous vagina on the roof of our home!! (although right now it looks as though a future in home-owner-ship is slim)

Click here for the BBC article.


  1. Question is, why did he do it? Does he think his parents are a big dicks?

    Some teen here in Silicon Valley took a baseball bat and beat the crap out of his dad's BMW as a way of letting his dad know that the son would rather have face time with his father than more money and things.

    Glad we found each other's blogs.

  2. Yeah, I would love to know the impetus behind this... Either he is angry with his parents, or he is having problems coming to terms with his sexuality/place in the world! I remember kids like this in high school, with all sorts of issues that led them to deviant attention-seeking methods...

    Your blog is great- I look forward reading more from a dad with teenage kids (the thought of my daughter becoming a teenager makes me want to reach for a bottle of valium)!


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