Saturday, August 22, 2009

NY Post article about Carlos

I think Carlos would have laughed his ass off to know he made it into the Post:

A fixture on the Brooklyn art and dance scene, Carlos Alvarez's name was synonymous with high-energy fun.

"It's amazing how many people knew him," says Jason Sinopoli. "He was just super charming and smart. He had this massive range of friends scattered throughout so many scenes. We don't even know who to call about his passing."

Sinopoli roomed with Carlos for five years on North First Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, during a sort of golden era of youthful freedom. Thirty of their friends lived on the block, and Alvarez could -- and did -- outdance them all.

The 29-year-old Alvarez died early last Saturday morning while he was doing what he loved most -- dancing to soul music at a friend's house party. He was the victim of a fatal heart attack. Alvarez did not drink or take drugs. He was also a vegan who watched everything he ate, and while he did have high cholesterol, there was never any indication of heart problems.

"He was always just so full of energy," says Cheyenne Timperio, a friend since Carlos moved to Brooklyn after high school in Newark. "He was always doing things like forgetting his keys and then breaking into his own house. He wore these crazy all-white outfits with huge belt buckles. I just loved his heart so much."

His funeral this week in Williamsburg was attended by hundreds of people, who recalled the intensity Alvarez brought to freelance jobs ranging from decorating store windows to carpentry to tailoring. He had a passion for gardening, as well as knife throwing and, of course, music.

"Carlos always wanted to learn more, to try everything," says Laurel Bell, his girlfriend. "I think his lesson is to love the love around you. Don't take your days for granted. Appreciate the people in your life and forget the stupid petty things. Don't ever miss out on something you would regret. Carlos taught that lesson to a lot of people. He is physically gone now, but he is never leaving this world."

The celebration of his life continues tomorrow at 8 p.m. at the Glasslands Gallery, 289 Kent Ave., in Williamsburg, with donations going to his family. Donations can also be made online at

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