Monday, August 24, 2009

405 Club Picnic this Wednesday!!

Since last Wednesday rained, tomorrow's the day to meet, greet, and network, at Central Park! The 405 Club, for those of you not yet in the know, was started by a couple of recently laid off folks who started collecting their weekly $405 check (the max available to us unemployed folks).

Thanks to Briana at Unemployed Brooklyn for sending emails and posting about the event. Briana happens to be one of the most savvy unemployed ladies I know- her blog is a fantastic resource. Check it out, here! Briana helped me out a great deal by writing about my loft sale- she also put me in touch with the folks at Brokelyn and Greenpointers, two more great resources for us jobless Brooklyners- both sites also posted about my sale. Thanks to all!

For more information about the 405 Club Picnic, check out their website.

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