Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More amazing memories from Steve Pestana

(pics by Daria Sullivan)

One of Shout!'s biggest celebrity fans in its latter days was Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy himself was a big appreciator of Carlos's moves, so, when it was time to celebrate his 100th Show with a private party, Daria, who handles event furniture rentals, gift bags, and the like, was hired to decorate the event and hire a DJ.

Daria, not having spoken with Carlos in two years, called him up and told him that she had a dancefloor that needed him to get started. Carlos said he had to DJ a friend's going away party later that same night, but that he would come through. He popped by, danced a few numbers, much to the delight of Jimmy and Daria. While catching up with Daria, he mentioned that he had been entering dance competitions in Brooklyn as of late. Daria said, "I bet you win all of them, don't you?" Carlos replied that he won the first one, but that they had to stop letting him win, even though as far as the crowd was concerned, he was always the obvious winner. Best of all, Carlos explained that he actually preferred to NOT win . . . he loved to see the crowd get all riled up at the injustice of it. He said that reaction was much more fun than simply getting handed the prize every time. I think that's a great story and says a lot about who he was.
Anyway, once again, without further ado, here are two photos of Carlos at Jimmy Fallon's 100th Show party. One, a nice portrait, and another of him shakin' it up. Immediately to his left is Jimmy Fallon, freaking out and cheering him on. Behind him is Daria Sullivan.

I hope you enjoy them, I think it captures how lively he was up until the end.

God bless Carlos Alvarez.

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