Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mile High Inspiration

Evy Gonzales, great friend and neighbor of Carlos for many years, met a man named Poneyboy Miller this past weekend on a flight back from Texas. She asked me to share a note Poneyboy sent her via email:

Hey Evy,
I'm emailing you from my work email because, my crackberry is acting up. I read all the postings about your friend Carlos Alvarez and saw the video of him dancing. He lived his life to the fullest and he is loved by so many people. One can only wish they could live a life as rich as his; even though I didn't know him personally, only knowing of him from our short conversation and reading everyone's postings I feel inspired by him.

As cheesy as it may sound my Mom always wanted me to learn how to dance all the Latin dances when I was young, but instead I choose to learn how to fight. After years of fighting all I got so far is a couple of concussions and a few dislocations, I'm again facing surgery on my left shoulder for the second time in three years. Your friend Carlos has inspired me to try my luck at dancing, as my Mom said to me on my visit in San Antonio "You already know how to fight, now you should learn how to dance." Thanks for sharing your friend Carlos to me, I truly appreciate it.

Very respectfully
Poneyboy Miller
Poneyboy, coming from a girl who has both studied fight and dance, I think you're on the right track. Your mom will be thrilled! If ever you should find yourself in NY, let's go out and dance it up!

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