Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Much of Williamsburg is virtually unrecognizable from the 'burg of yesteryear... Yet sandwiched between the overcrowded hipster-ville that Bedford Ave has become, and the Duane Reade soon to open on Kent (!), are still many reasons I still consider this fair 'hood home. Here are just a few:

Sideshow Gallery, founded in 1999 to create a space to show young Williamsburg artists. Paintings, installations, readings, concerts = awesome. (pic taken from gallery website)

Speaking of art... Where else can you find a dead bird, a baby's head, a vacuum tube and an orange square, and have them be considered art?!

Williamsburg... Home to the Legion of Doom motorcycle gang, the leader/founder of which is named Lucifer. The gang is all-inclusive, friendly, and you know what? I like the fact that they're here... Those guys have HUGE parties (like the one this past weekend), and actually clean up after themselves (that's a heck of a lot more than I can say about most folks who throw parties in the 'hood...).

Where else but in the 'burg can you find such a perfect photo op?

Or, great reading found right on our fair streets? Williamsburgers seeking spirit animals (oh, yes, owl/deer/bird lovers, I'm talking to YOU), look out!

As most of the 'burg doesn't wake until 1:00 on weekends, lines for shows such as yesterday's Grizzly Bear at East River State Park are virtually non-existent (um, but only should you happen to arrive on time... It was a madhouse later in the day).

Non-permit parties can still be found, like the one above, at the bike shop next to Dokebi... (Of course, unlike the old days, it wasn't long before four- count 'em, four- cop cars arrived on the scene. Sigh...)

Speaking of parties, the Market Hotel in Bushwick hosts pretty awesome music. This past weekend, for example, one of my faves, Celebration, played... I didn't end up making it out, but the fact is, there's always so much going on that I didn't feel like I was missing anything (well, at least, not terribly...).

Finally, even though the face of Grand Street Park has changed (oh, how I miss sitting at the old park on a weekend, without a tourist in sight!), the view of the city remains the same.

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