Friday, August 21, 2009

Dancing for Carlos

The memorial for Carlos last night affirmed everything we already knew: man, was he loved. My heart goes out to his family, especially his amazing mother. Make it a point to stay in her life, people. Send her cards, letters, pictures. Let her know some of the goings ons in your lives. None of us will be able to fill the hole that Carlos' passing leaves, but we can at least bring her some of our stories. What a woman... Last night, she thanked everyone for being there, but beyond that, added that she's there for each and every one of us, forever. I hope that she knows that it's really us who should be thanking her- what a gift we all received in knowing her son.

But I won't write too much about the memorial. It's too raw a memory. What I will do is say yet another big thanks to every business in the community who donated drinks, coffee, and food for the party Mikey hosted after the memorial. And of course, thanks to Mikey, for opening his door to all of us. It turned into a proper dance party- I definitely had our man on our mind as I got down. I think I drank a couple gallons of water (yes, water!) to replenish in that steamy room!

My pictures from last night are only of people having fun... We need to balance the pain we feel over Carlos with the joy we felt dancing!

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