Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend review

The girl who inspires me the most, on a second grade field trip Friday afternoon.

When I was a kid my mom always made these little bird 'noses' out of tree-bits. I made one for Anevay at the park, which prompted many of the other kids to ask for them. Soon there were about ten kids running all over the place with sticky tree-bits on the ends of their noses.

Sculpture outside the Tribeca Arts Center, where Anevay's second grade class caught a show put on by the Paperbag Players.

Quilts hung up in the Tribeca Arts Center!

Cute little monkeys at the park...

Meditating amidst the madness.

I laughed at these signs that I saw on the way back from the field-trip... And heard more than one parent comment, "Man, I need a drink..."

The kids were also wiped out!

Saturday night we were fortunate enough to babysit the adorable Dakota! (seated here with his lovely mama, Shay)

Greg makes fun of me for taking too many pictures.

My girl is great with babies...

Sunday morning we trekked to Greenpoint to help a friend with a video project. We lived about a block from here when we first moved to NY.

Um, Okayyyy... I just wondered what prompted someone to write this?

And what does Elvis have to do with it? I didn't point this out to Anevay, who, as the biggest Elvis fan on the planet, would have been very offended.

This Leviticus character/artist leaves his/her work all over Bedford Avenue...

Sunday we went to Orit's place for brunch. Afterwards we relaxed with movies. (Anevay and Clare seated in this photo)

And yet another 'piece' by Leviticus. Any of you the face behind the name?

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