Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mad Max meets burlesque meets boxing match...

The other night my friend Bruno went to one of NY's Danger Parties to take pictures of the burlesque show.

The evening apparently began with few surprises. Half-naked ladies and a brass band in the midst of a room packed with people.

But, as with all great nights, the unexpected occurred...

About the image above Bruno writes:

"Some jackass decided to mess with the lovely Lady Circus performers — a dangerous proposition for everyone involved, as the talented artists were spinning from a suspended hoop in a crowd full of people. Not to mention that this tool was vastly outnumbered, in class, strength and popularity.

Did he try to cop a feel? Did he smack someone? It wasn't clear, but he managed to ignite their considerable ire."

Things turned even uglier...

Bruno continues:

"The dazzling Lady Circus acrobatics became a whirlwind of pain for the rabblerouster's ill-conceived anger, as they unleashed blows like a burlesque tornado."

Burlesque tornado... HA! I love that image. I couldn't help but think of Mad Max as I thought of the scantily-clad ladies strung up on their hoop, throwing punches...

Sounds fun, yes? Wish you could have heard Bruno give his recount of the evening! Instead, I hope you'll make do with the rest of his pictures.

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