Friday, May 22, 2009

A glimpse of how the other side lives...

Two school field-trips in one week = one incredibly stressed out mom...

Anevay's charter school was funded and conceived by a philanthropist who had already started a successful private school in the Hamptons. This past Friday I went with Anevay's class to visit the school as well as a swamp just minutes away from the campus.

I was shocked to hear that many of the children had never experienced being in the middle of the woods- this was made obvious by watching their reaction to the various critters and bugs one finds in the middle of a swamp- Oh! The screaming and the yelling!!

I was even more shocked to get a glimpse of the school in the Hamptons. The school keeps a small farmette, a climbing wall, and a large green-space and play equipment for the children to work off their energy.

It made me sad that Anevay doesn't have access to the things the kids in the Hamptons have... I overheard a teacher telling one of Anevay's classmates that it would be difficult to keep animals in the city... But that's not exactly what I was silently feeling sorry about. It's more the relaxed environment, the green open space, the obvious care that goes into the envirionment.

Granted, Anevay's school is lovely, and she has access to a lot, but the area where she's allowed to play is devoid of grass, there is no play equipment, and no effort has been made to develop even a single box garden...


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