Wednesday, May 20, 2009

South Street Seaport

This past week was filled with school trips, a concert, BBQs, a pool party, a wedding, and a lot of work. I am feeling utterly exhausted, and definitely need a break- the problem is I have a difficult time slowing down the pace... It's always been hard for me to prioritize, as I want to take on everything! Looking through my pictures of the week, it's easy to pinpoint moments that made the frantic pace seem worth it...

Wednesday I went on yet another trip with Anevay and her class- this time to the South Street Seaport to walk around on a huge ship called the Peking. It was a sunny, warm day, and despite the insane behavior of some of the kids, it was fun for me to see them get into learning about the ships and drawing pictures of what they were seeing...

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