Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sebrina Fassbender opening at Higher Pictures

Come check out the opening of my friend Sebrina Fassbender's work (a co-show with LaToya Ruby Frazier) tomorrow night at Higher Pictures. Sebrina spent the last many years working intimately with prostitutes and drug abusers in NYC, but instead of always turning her eye towards the darker side of sex and drugs, she often manages to take pictures of her subjects (and at this point, after all of this time, her friends) during their most beautiful, frail moments, really making the images more about the people they contain than objectification of a group of people.

The show runs from tomorrow, May 14th, to June 20th.

Opening party: May 14th; 6-8 PM

More more information go to Higher Pictures.

764 Madison Avenue, NY

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