Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stingray Sam

Last fall Anevay and I were invited by the very talented Cory McAbee to take part in his newest film project, Stingray Sam, which was recently shown at Sundance, and is now making the rounds on screens (of "all sizes") all over the place!

On June 6th, Stingray Sam is being shown right here in NY on the roof of Brooklyn Technical High School in Fort Greene.

Mark Elijah Rosenberg, founder and artistic director of Rooftop Films (the organization hosting the event), writes:

The man who is The American Astronaut--a cult classic cowboy-space-rock musical work of bizarre genius--returns with a six-part series of short films about an outlaw lounge singer from strange impoverished planet, his olive-addicted buddy, and their inter-galactic quest to rescue the universe's last girl after generations of pharmaceutical company and government-managed male-male cloning. Each episode figures a smattering of dialogue scenes, one or two musical numbers, and a history lesson. It should go without saying that it's all hilarious and dazzling. What's surprising is that Stingray Sam also surprisingly socially-relevant.

Make sure to look closely and you may catch a glimpse of me and Anevay! What you definitely will find are dynamic performances from a talented cast (including one of Anevay's best friends, the lovely Willa Vy, who is, quite simply, amazing and poised and so much fun to watch on screen).

For more information on the event (as well as other events hosted by Rooftop Films), click here.

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