Saturday, May 2, 2009

Developments... a lot of them.

Yesterday I dropped off bags to 146 : Watch Repair & Designer Collective, a cute place located on N. 7th, and then immediately went to pick up a couple more canvases at Pearl Paint. (one of these days I'll have to stretch the huge roll of canvas I have, but oh, it's so much easier to buy pre-stretched canvas!)

The grey sky threatened to rain, but I thought perhaps it might hold out just a little longer... I was wrong. It started pouring right as I got to Anevay's school to pick her up. Luckily, while the rest of the parents/kids were waiting for the rain to let up in the foyer of the school, Anevay and I threw the large, plastic-wrapped canvas over our heads and stayed, except for our shoes, dry.

I ended up working on one of the canvases last night until about 3 in the morning- I have so much going on right now that I feel I need to fly through them as quickly as possible- no easy task since embroidery- which is incredibly time-consuming- is my current medium.

After all of this time without a job (I was laid off from my crap marketing job in September), I've now been given two freelance possibilities...

Yesterday a woman from Madewell 1937 contacted me to see if I'd be interested in being their embroidery artist at an event this coming Thursday. Uh, yeah! Today I need to send her a brief proposal and images of my work that she'll then pass along to the corporate office. The gig is only for one night, but it will give me a little cash, as well as exposure!

The second opportunity will be a little longer lasting... A notable hairstylist (he has a lot of big name movie stars and models on his roster) needs help with expanding his business- basically I'll be doing some part-time free-lance marketing for him. Sounds promising! It also got me thinking that there's no reason why I can't advertise myself as a free-lance marketer. Funny, but it was the last think I had thought of! But really, there's no reason why I shouldn't be a marketing consultant to creative folks...

I realized this week that I'm at the point where I am in need of a website. Fortunately, a friend of mine is willing to help! This weekend I am going to send him sketches of how I envision the layout, and we'll go from there.

It's exciting having so much going at once- the potential jobs, the canvases, the bags and clothing, the book...

But I'm starting (!) to feel a bit overwhelmed. Something has to give, but I don't want to drop any of my projects, nor do I feel it would be wise. Some of them might lead to me getting paid, and right now, that's very important! Besides, I enjoy what I'm doing...

I'm just sleepy!

Anyway, have a great weekend! I'll probably have some work done to show you by Monday.

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