Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend review

1:46 Watch Repair & Designer Collective is located on N. 7th (between Bedford and Berry, right here in Brooklyn). The shop is stocked with some of my bags. Stop in and take a peek!

Anevay and my lovely parents, in China Town.

I believe the flavor was pralines and cream...

At the park a few Chinese gentlemen had birds hung in the trees. We were wondering why...

Keeping warm in Greenwich, Connecticut!


Friday was a busy day- my parents arrived a little after 9 in the morning. We picked Anevay up from school, wandered around Manhattan a bit, and then returned to Brooklyn to relax for an hour before I needed to go to work.

Yep, I said 'work'! I had a gig embroidering knits for an event at Madewell 1937 in Greenwich, Connecticut. The evening went really well, and I've been invited back! Good news! Also, I'll be busy the next couple of days finishing up a bag of orders that I was unable to finish at Friday's event. Madewell 1937 is a concept store started by J Crew, and I was happy to get them as a client, even if only for intermittent freelance embroidery.

After the event, I hopped back on the train to New York and hurried to catch the tail-end of a dinner party at my friend Orit's new place, which she moved into about a week ago. The food was amazing- a shrimp and sausage rice dish resembling paella- the company was fun- and her place is gorgeous!

Saturday I went with my family to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden- the gardens were filled with blooming wisteria, tulips, azaleas, and even a few late-blooming magnolias. What made the biggest impression on me, however, was the dove tree, a gorgeous, stately specimen with paper-like white flowers. Standing beneath it, I had tears in my eyes- it was that beautiful!!

After spending the day at the garden, we returned to the neighborhood and went to dinner at Diner, one of my favorite local spots. The food is always great- last night I had black fish and ramps, drank a bit of wine, and had a wonderful time with my family.

This morning we met for a Mother's Day Brunch at Dumont- we were given a cute table in the outside patio- the day was a bit chilly, but gorgeous. We spent the afternoon at the park, and then me and Miss A waved goodbye to my folks. I already miss them. It makes me sad that we don't live closer...

Anevay and I are now going to cuddle in front of a movie- the perfect way to end a perfect weekend!

Happy Mama's Day!

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