Monday, November 9, 2009


This past Sat night/early Sunday morning, Williamsburg drummer Jerry Fuchs fell to his death in an elevator shaft a bloack from my place.  He was 34.  Although Jerry was a friend to many of my pals, I didn't know him outside of listening to his music.  Yet I feel sad all the same- for someone my age dying so unexpectedly, and the thoughts of what his parents must be going through.  It also stirs up thoughts of Carlos' death, still so fresh, as well as the loss of Don to so many of my west coast friends.

I hope Jerry's friends and family are able to find comfort as they come together these next many difficult days.

I'm so happy, friends, to be on this wonderful planet with you all.  I cherish each of you.  I count my blessings every day.  My bank account might be ailing, but my experiences, friendships and love make me rich. 

God, to be young, half-way intelligent, and full of energy.  What a gift we're all given, for each day we have it!

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