Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rain Machine - Give Blood

Loving Kyp's new project, Rain Machine.  Anevay and I have been listening to the album like crazy.  I caught him at the Bell House a month-ish (?) ago- so great. 

It's been a rough summer/autumn for many of us- losing Carlos, and then, in the case of some of you west-coasters, Don.  I'm glad to see Kyp has this outlet- and I love that it has me responding in such an emotionally positive way.  Anevay and I are lucky to have so many people in our lives who contribute so dynamically.

Read below a little info on Rain Machine (or click here to read the very short review I wrote for Lost at E Minor):

Kyp Malone's acclaimed new solo project Rain Machine is currently on tour getting rave reviews. Known for his work fronting celebrated Brooklyn art-dance ensemble TV on Radio, Malone's new endeavor is a boundary pushing yet soulful amalgamation of musical styles crystallized by his distinctive and provocative lyrical imagery and voice.

British publication NME said of a recent Rain Machine performance: "Kyp Malone's new project surpasses even his day job band for sheer inventiveness... It's undoubtedly one of the most wildly inventive and entertaining things anyone will hear all year." The Wall Street Journal remarked of the same show: "... despite the smaller band, the music musters the same swells and rising action that characterizes his better-known band. When they played a complicated song called "Give Blood," the crowd responded with noise and dance, expecting a subdued solo performance. Instead, the audience found itself a few feet away from a sound that would otherwise belong on a stage set for thousands."

Rain Machine will begin a North American tour opening for seminal indie rock band The Pixies beginning this November.

How great is that- opening for the Pixies?!  Kurt Cobain is, I'm sure, rolling over with glee in his grave.

Watch the video.  It's great (additionally, it was made by Petro, who is just a swell guy!):

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