Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Small rant

Sleepy is not the word for what I feel this evening...

I've been waking up at 5 to write a bit before then waking my sweet girl, getting her ready for school, and trekking first to the Lower East Side then up to Midtown.

I hope you won't find me unappreciative, but working again in Midtown- such a strange, soul-less place- makes me a little sad.  Oh, it's not all terrible- today I took a walk outside to search out smiling faces, and found a few in an Indian vendor-truck.  These three gentlemen were so smiley, in fact, that I felt obliged to order lunch from them.  Lesson of the day: Do NOT ask for extra spice over your Indian food unless you have a death-wish.  In addition to the typical red hot sauce, I was offered, by the eldest of the three men, if I would like to try something *really* spicy?"  Um, sounded like a dare to me.  Feathers slightly ruffled, I responded with a resounded, "YES, PLEASE!"  Wow.  That was some fierce sauce...  Great thing is, the stuff seemed to completely rid me of a little cold I've had.

Anyway- I'm now on week two of a month-long temp job.  This past year, although stressful on many fronts (job search, finances), was wonderful.  I loved my freelance jobs and spending time with Anevay.  I only wish I could have spent more time on the book and less time on the job hunt.  Soon, I'll be back in the same boat I was for the past year.

After having been laid off last year, I had at first the terrible thought that it was in some way my doing.  But now, I've resigned myself to the fact that I am just in the same boat as so many other deserving people.  It's not my fault.  Besides, should any of you remember correctly, I was by no means in love with the sort of work I was doing.

Last night, for the first time in over a year, I passed on two jobs- both were embroidery gigs.  One was just another event in Greenwich (too much on my plate right now to try to hustle to be there); the other was for a birthday party.

I'm feeling the need to simplify- job search, Anevay, and finishing the book.  Easier said than done- there are always 10,000 other things holding my attention.

Now, I'm off to sleep...

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