Saturday, November 14, 2009

NY Marathon 2009

I had forgotten to post my pictures of the NY Marathon...  Better late than never!

Front women runners going by... (Missed the men due to my camera taking so long to load.  Oh well.  No matter, I think the women are more impressive.)

Mexican wrestlers watch the action before going home to take each other down?

James bought all of us ladies Bloody Mary's.  It was a little early for me to have mine...  Here's Clare with hers!

Elspeth and Maria talking; Anevay taking in the race.

Oh, boys and their codpieces...

Clare cheering on South African runners.

Um, OK...

The big question is, WHY?!

This runner came on by our table at Dumont demanding (actually, she asked rather nicely) a sip of my Guinness.

Now, the question is- do I enter the lottery for next year's marathon?  Huh?  If so, who will enter and train with me?!

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